OEM 3D Printing Figures

Customized 3D Printing Figure, Factory Price

Join us on the exciting journey of turning fantasy into adorable 3D printed reality!

We are 3D Printing Figures supplier in China. The materials commonly used for 3D printing figures include PLA plastic, ABS plastic, nylon, rubber, etc. Customers can choose materials according to their own requirements. 3D printing is most suitable for some small batch orders because its cost is relatively low. It is worth noting that our company’s minimum order quantity for 3D printed figure is 50PCS. Many personal IP players and writers are more suitable to use this technology to realize their character production.

Customized 3D Printing Figures From Zhongyi Animation


We promise to ship only quality custom products. This is your one-stop factory for 3D Printing Figures with beautiful retail packaging.

3.OEM 3D Printing Figures
OEM 3D Printing Figures
OEM 3D Printing Figures
OEM 3D Printing Figures

How to Make Action Figure?

Confirm customer design (CAD) software with client to create digital 3D model.

Use slicing software to create a set of instructions for the 3D printer to follow based on the customer's design.

Depending on the desired characteristics of the customer's character, the appropriate printing material is selected, usually a plastic such as PLA or ABS.

Customer designs are loaded into the 3D printer and the graphics are built layer by layer. The printer deposits and solidifies the selected material, finally forming the required Figure.

The completed 3D printed Figure requires post-processing steps, such as sanding or smoothing the surface.

Inspect the 3D printed figure for any defects to ensure it meets the expected design specifications.

Coating figures based on customer requirements, such as spray painting, etc.

Finished figures for packaging, ensuring their quality and ready for shipping.

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