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Welcome to our Mecha Model Toy Factory, where the magic happens! Our company is committed to customizing mecha model toys that bring joy to children and collectors. From the cool designs to the colors, every toy is filled with love and creativity. Our highly skilled team with 17 years of experience uses eco-friendly plastic, resin or metal to create these awesome mecha model toys. So far, our company has customized more than 50 mecha model designs for customers. We pay attention to every detail, making sure each mech model is perfect before it reaches you. So if you have any cool ideas then join us now!

Customized Mecha Model Robots From Zhongyi Animation

oem mech models
oem mech models
oem mech models

Before electroplating VS After electroplating

oem mech models


oem mech models
oem mech models


oem mech models

How to Make Mecha Model Robots?

Make a detailed plan based on the customer's mecha model file.

Make samples of mecha models for testing, check design defects and make adjustments.

Purchase high-quality materials such as plastics and metals for production according to customer needs.

Use an injection molding machine to mass-produce the main body and components of the mecha model.

Assemble smaller parts (head, torso, limbs, etc.) separately to simplify the production process.

Inspections are conducted throughout the assembly process to identify and repair any defects.

Ensure that joints and other moving parts are working properly.

Add color and intricate details using automatic or manual painting processes.

Assemble all sub-assemblies together to complete the mecha model.

Customers provide or we develop visually appealing packaging.

Each batch of samples is inspected to confirm that the quality meets standards.

Store the finished mecha model in our warehouse, and then deliver it according to customer requirements.

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