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China's leading action figure manufacturer

We want to help you become an impressive action figure toy brand!

Our team of experts work closely with you throughout the partnership, from the initial inquiry to receipt of your goods. Plus, we care about quality as much as you do. We care about your brand reputation as much as you do. That’s why we pay close attention to every stage of production.

Anything that comes to your mind: 

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With your 2D designs or 3D files (OBJ, STL, STP, IGS formats), Zhongyi Animation- Where Your Ideas Come to Life


We welcome your inquiries about our products and encourage you to contact us without hesitation.

Domestic market:

Contact Person: Mr. Liang
Tel: 0086 15992812850

Overseas market:

Contact Person: Yilia.Lee
Tel: 0086 19926554066
WhatsApp: 0086 13635119974

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