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We customize lots of interesting animal figure toys for our customers, such as fox, duck, squirrel, hippo, Shiba Inu, tiger, etc. We have customized more than 100 kinds of animal figure toys for domestic and foreign customers, and have received many positive reviews. Eco-friendly and certified production, Dongguan Zhongyi Animation prioritizes environmental protection, using sustainable PVC and resin materials in its products. We have SGS, Rosh, ISO9001 certification to ensure that the products we produce meet global standards.

Customized Animal Figures From Zhongyi Animation

custom animal figures
custom animal figures
custom animal figures


We promise to ship only quality custom products. This is your one-stop factory for Animal Figures with beautiful retail packaging.

How to Make Animal Figure?

Develop a detailed plan based on the customer’s documents.

Make action figure samples for testing, check design defects and make adjustments.

Purchase environmentally friendly and high-quality materials for production according to customer needs.

Injection molding machines are used to mass-produce the main bodies and components of action figures.

Assemble smaller parts (head, torso, limbs, etc.) separately to simplify the production process.

Inspections are conducted throughout the assembly process to identify and repair any defects.

Add color and intricate details using automatic or manual painting processes.

Assemble all the parts together to complete the action figure.

Customer provides or we develop visually appealing packaging.

Inspect each batch of samples to confirm that the quality meets the standards.

Then deliver the goods according to customer requirements.

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